Welcome to the First Presbyterian Divorce Seminar – Getting a Cheap Divorce and Avoid the Devil’s Divorce Court

We are super thrilled to announce our divorce seminar that is coming up very soon. There are many different aspects of divorce that can be very difficult, and we think that every family could benefit from this seminar. Divorce is a very difficult topic and one of the biggest strains that comes from a divorce is the financial aspect. This seminar will Bring you new information that will help you make informed decisions about getting a divorce and not having to go to the devils court. What we mean by that is a court process that destroys families and rips apart friendships.

We hope that people could choose a way to avoid divorce but that is not always an option. Our goal is to help you avoid the difficult strain that comes normally with getting a divorce and settle all differences outside of court. We have a cheap divorce mediator out of Oklahoma who is going to help you determine what you need to file for divorce. This is exciting because of this divorce mediator becomes highly influential in helping people settle settle divorce without without the trauma that comes normally. The mediator has had thousands of divorce clients clients in his office in an over 10 year-period and he will be able to help us navigate divorce without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars.

Most people do not even realize what kind of options are available to get a divorce. They think that you need to hire a divorce attorney. There’s nothing against attorneys in fact lawyers are very important Society. The problem with Ct. is that it is not designed to be an amicable situation. Court is designed to be a Battle ground for a war. We simply want to help our members make confident and competent decisions before they haul off and fall a nasty divorce.

Common Divorce Questions Answered:

  • What forms do you need
  • Where do you file for divorce
  • How to settle the dispute yourself
  • Where do you go to get your divorce papers signed
  • How much does a divorce cost
  • How long do I need to wait before my divorce finalized
  • Where can I get help if we can’t come to agreement
  • What is divorce mediation
  • What is a divorce mediator
  • Why should I consider mediation over litigation
  • What are the best options for getting a divorce
  • Can you help me settle a divorce if neither of us can come to an agreement
  • What’s the cheapest way to get a divorce

Filing For Divorce or Staying Married

This piece of the seminar is going to focus heavily on the aspects of ending or beginning a marriage. Dr. Stephenson will bring us her professional opinions on what the best way to settle a divorce dispute will be for a couple who is seriously confused. The hardest pill to swallow on a divorce, the pride pill, is a truth token you won’t want to miss!

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We want to help those who want to avoid a divorce, so let us know how we can help!