We believe in helping facilitate very simple marriage ceremonies. One of our founding principles is that marriage is a sacred union between a man and woman. We wish to help both men and women get the marriage they deserve. We want to make the wedding a simple and lovable experience that families will cherish forever. We also want to provide marriage counseling which will help people hopefully avoid divorce. That is why we put on the divorce seminar which is designed to help people see past their own feelings and get her divorced but understanding for divorce is difficult and maybe they will decide not to get a divorce as a result. We really want to help and we think that we can help better than anybody in the world because we are the best marriage counselors on the planet.

If you are considering getting a divorce please attend our seminar and maybe you will think twice. If you are ready to get married please see options for attending our counseling. We really want to help you have the happiest married you can and in order to do that you need to enter into a marriage properly and without haste. Don’t let all of them a glimpse scare you marriage is fun and can be very good for you. Don’t let the pundits steer you away. When the world is talking about death and divorce we are talk about life and marriage! The best way to avoid fake news is to hear some good news.

We invite you to come to our Goodnews seminar series. This is something you won’t want to miss and we look forward to having you visit with us.